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This page contains information about where to download, install the AutoHotKey software and how to create the script for the automatic configuration  generation of Matrikon OPC Server for Siemens PLC.

Matrikon OPC Server is required by Apriso MES to exchange process specific information.


Not complete

  1. Compatibility with Windows Server must be checked.
  2. Adding Tags
  3. Adjustments & Test
  4. On PC communication path is not introduced correctly. Shall be check when run on server.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download and Install AutoHotKey from
  2. Download and Install AHK GUI SciTE4AutoHotKey from
  3. Open SciTE4AutoHotKey  and create a new script
  4. Download the attached script
  5. --------> 




v0.1 Accenture_Matrikon_Start_and_Configure.ahk

v0.3 Accenture_Matrikon_Start_and_Configure_v0.3.ahk