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This page contains relevant information about how to port the existing ROS packages to a new station.


  1. Ubuntu or a Linux based distribution
  2. ROS Indigo 14.04
  3. Make sure that all the packages needed to develop Baxter programs are there such as: baxter_simulator, baxter_interface, baxter, baxter_description etc.



If the required Baxter packages are not installed go to the following link to install them.



Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a ROS workspace
  2. Copy or move the existing packages into your workspace (inside the src folder)
  3. Go to the base of your package and run the catkin_make command
  4. If all goes well you have successfully managed to port the ROS packages to a new station if not see the What might go wrong section?

What might go wrong ?

1. Compilation errors with packages from the NOT_REQUIRED_FOR_DEMO

NOT_REQUIRED_FOR_DEMO contains code that is written during development which might suffer frequent modifications. 


  1. simply delete the folder with all its contents and resume the make process, as the contents of this folder are available in the repository.
  2. create CATKIN_IGNORE file inside the package folder (e.g. touch /path/to/package/CATKIN_IGNORE)

2. Error: xdot package not found

How to solve it: sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-xdot

3. Problems with the sensor driver

How to solve it: sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-openni2-*

4. Problems with the communication

Make sure that the time step of you laptot and the robot are the same.

5. Problems with the USB channel of the sensor

A simple solution is to plug out and the plug in the sensor one more time.

6. Problems with the Py-Modubus module

Install the the module using pip or the following command sudo pip install pymodbus

or you can install it from the  following github address.

7. Errors during catkin_make

Due to the fact that the ROS packages are built on a thread based manner different issues might appear. One common error


packages using a single thread, it will take longer but will do the job.

8. OpenCv or PCL not found during catkin_make

If porting the existing stack to a new computer several packages, tools might be missing, OpenCV,PCL included, which is why the errors during building are raised.

You can install them with the following command sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-perception

9. ROSLint package not found during catkin_make

The rviz_stream package depends on the ROSLint package. According to the official wiki the ROSLint represents "CMake lint commands for ROS packages. The lint commands perform static checking of Python