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The articles from this section contain information about modules, solutions developed in order to monitor the activity of a robot and to a certain extent to control the capabilities of it.


Why a monitoring and control tool?

  1.  To check if nodes are running properly
  2.  To check if topics are published
  3.  To check if parameters needed by nodes are being properly set up
  4.  To have the possibility of checking whether services are alive
  5.  To have the possibility of restarting nodes



   ROSBridge  provides a set of JSON tools that provide program from foreign to the ROS environment to easily communicate with the ROS environment. It is based on JavaScript technologies that communicate with ROS using WebSockets.

The rosbridge_suite is a meta-package containing different packages such as:

  1. rosbridge_library - facilitates the parsiequest string and their delivery to the ROS master.
  2. rosbridge_server - it provides the JSON-ROS conversion, extracting the ROS relevant commands from the JSON string as well as preparing the JSON responses for non ROS programs.
    The communication between the entities is carried out using WebSockets.
  3. rosapi - exposes ROS specific service calls such as rostopic list, etc., rosservice call,etc.,  to name a few, to other non ROS programs.