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Go green, turn on the sun! 
The future belongs to the renewable energies and to the ecologic products, reason why our vision is to assure to any entity their energy self-sustainability, by producing electricity from solar energy, and the accessibility to eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies.


Organization Description:

The main activity of the company is focus on consultancy, design and implementation of technical solutions for electricity production using solar and wind energy, to achieve the self-sustainability of the buildings, building heating, hot water and consumers cost control.

Our company offers consultancy, design and project management services for both individuals and legal persons from public or private business environment:

  • ·         Project consultancy and design
  • ·         Water and air heating products distribution
  • ·         Project management services
  • ·         Renewable energy projects implementation
  • ·         Building Management systems implementation


AddressWebPhoneContact Person
str. Principala nr 71, Osorhei, 0040 771 213 649Florin Balint

Centrul de Afaceri pentru Energii Regenerabile si Ecoeficienta Energetica - BIOREN 0040 744 111 568Calin Terhesiu

Company Details:

Annual Turnover1.250.000 euro
No. of employees/collaborators5 employees / 165 collaborators
Other2015 profit - 290.000 Euro

Services / Products:

  • Software for business processing management (BPM / BPMS )
  • Energy Efficiency Technologies ( Building Management Systems)
  • Hardware / Software solutions for energy management


  • ERP implementation for BMW dealer
  • Virtual infrastructure for private and public sectors






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