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Company Description:

Recognos Romania is a software company specialized in developing  solutions for the Banking and Investment Industries.

 Recognos stands for “knowledge to reconcile”, as in daily life we always reconcile between different ideas: requirements, technology, efficiency and innovation. We strongly belive that great things can be developed only through innovation.

We belive in the power of partnering with other companies in order to leverage the strenght of all of them, thereby creating  systems  which prove that the whole is greater  than the sum of the parts. We  aim to leverage our business knowledge with our  technological experience. 



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21 Victor Babes St., 400012 Cluj-Napoca, Romania+40-264-591136www.recognos.roRoth Andrei - General Manager


Company Details:

Annual Turnover1.342.321 EUR
No. of employees/collaborators65

Microsoft Gold Partner 


All numbers should reflect 2013 results.



Services & Product

By employing intelligent, experienced and imaginative people, we incorporate new ideas into powerful solutions with the explicit goal of creating continuous value through our products’ services and life cycles. Among the services offered we can name a small part of them:

  • Development of complex sytems for the Investment and Banking Industries
  • Data Extraction from unformatted documents
  • IVR applications developmnet for Call Centers

Our philosophy is that there is no way to keep up with the continuously changing IT world without continuous investment in innovative projects and learning new technologies. With these goals in mind, our main products are:

  • WEB Based Portofolio Rebalancing System: this system allows the investment adviser or the portofolio managers to define complex model portofolios and to rebalance them on a regular basic or ad-hoc. The system is web bassed and can be easily hosted on the cloud.

  • Media Sentry: the system is used to monitor the Internet media (social networks,forums, blogs, web sites) to detect content related to a user taxonomy. The system uses Semantic Technology to search for content related to the taxonomy and to determine connections between postings. The system is multi-lingual.

  • Semantic Data Extraction Platform from unformatted documents: the technology can be used to extract financial data from any semi-formatted or unformatted documents (SEC,Filings statments, contracts, faxes, vendor contracts,etc.). The platform is currently implemented at DTCC New York, providing an industry utility for the Mutual Fund Industry in the United States.

  • Online Brokerage Platform for the Romanian Investment Industry.

Business Domains

We believe that modern technology is a catalyst for fruitful interactions between people and our products and services are used in a wide range of industries like Finance&Investments, Banking or Marketing.


Core Technology Expertise 

  •  Microsoft.NET Technologies

  •  Java Technologies

  •  Non relational databases

  •  NLP-Natural Languages Processing

  •  Data integration using Semantic Technologies-Allegrograph,

  • Raven non SQL database




„Recognos continues to raise the bar for its technology capabilities, for its innovative thoughts, for its attention to detail, and certainly for its client support. Recognos employees are hard working, intelligent and dedicated who go above and beyond at every opportunity. Recognos doesn’t just look at their efforts as temporary, they engage themselves fully, not only meeting expectations but exceeding them on a regular basis." Ira Cohen, Mutual Fund Executive at DTCC

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