CRISOFT - Company Profile


Company Description:


Among the most important suppliers of IT systems dedicated to business management in Romania, CRIsoft remains the most stable company of the IT&C market, with more than 25 years of activity. All this time, it has been one of the top largest software companies in the country. 


The experience included in the CRIsoft Organization Server – CROS, together with the software technology and the implementation methodology secure maximum cost-performance efficiency through the combination of a ready-to-use solution and the flexibility of a solution developed internally or 100% upon demand.




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Bd. Victoriei, nr. 12, et. 2, 500214, Braşov +40 268 471 670
Str. Av. Nicolae Drossu, nr. 19, Sector 1, 012071 Bucureşti+40 212 240


Company Details:

Annual Turnover2.084.000 €
No. of employees/collaborators30/11

SRAC certification: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005

Oracle Gold Partner

ORDA certification


All numbers should reflect 2015 results.



Services & Products:

  • CRIsoft Company offers implementation, analysis and consultancy services for the design of the CROS system interfacing with other systems and consultancy for the restructuring of the organization processes. Moreover, our clients receive technical support and the training required for the CROS system management.

  • The range of CRIsoft products is CROSTM (CRIsoft Organization ServerTM) – a modular, open and flexible integrated IT system destined for use by the organizations’ management: CROS ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning – integrated system destined for the management of companies from different sectors of activity); CROS FRC (Supply, Billing and Customer Relations system destined for public utility companies); CROS Leasing - Insurance; CROS Service; CROS Warehouse; CROS Barcodes; CROS Production planning; CROS Supply Chain; CROS Web; CROS CRM; CROS Budget control; CROS MyAccount; CROS Mobile, CROS Cloud Companies; CROS Logistic Centre; CROS integration with GIS (Geographic Information System);

Business Domains:

  • Utilities (Electric Power Distribution, Water and Sewerage)
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Services (Financial, Automotive, Insurance, Leasing, etc.)


Core Technology Expertise

  • Oracle Database Server
  • Java
  • Oracle Developer




  • CRIsoft products and services, but also the constant preoccupation to know the clients’ needs, to optimize their business process and even to set new standards in certain industries, have contributed to the maintenance of a vast portfolio of important clients from different fields of activity.  Among those clients are: Enel, Mobexpert, Lemet, Romstal, Farmexim, Radacini, Autoklass, Apa Nova Ploiesti, Compania de Apa Brasov etc.