Cloud Soft is a Romanian software company offering Outsourcing and Custom Software Application Development Services addressed to your individual needs to help you overcome the gaps in your existing software and to derive competitive edge from custom software applications centered on your business strategy.

Leading to Success

Company Description:

By including Cloud Soft on their software outsourcing list, Romanian and foreign companies finally managed to bring together successfully cost saving management with high quality IT services and modern work procedures. The high quality of the services we offer has become an essential parameter in our company offshoring and buyers are now looking beyond labor arbitrage. 

Teams performance in software architecture, design and development solution. Increasing the accuracy of correlation and cooperation in Systems Integration. Better QA Consulting, agile testing, traditional testing, mobile or automation application testing tools.

Reducing costs of work, optimizing and minimizing the delivery and rework time.

Applied technologies in consulting and processing, compliant with the ISO standards.

High level quality in software projects development, services, data analysis and maintenance.

Reducing the project’s cost using optimized custom application development.

Confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements with our employees and customers, security and protection of information, covered by the agreement, takes place.

Efficient, continuous and transparent communication through proper planning, workflow and reporting.

Good English communications skills, which make all projects requirements and documentation being understood by the technical team.




AddressPhoneWebContact Person
Alba Iulia, Calea Motilor, 1, S1H, Domșa, General Manager
Alba Iulia, B-dul Republicii, 26 (Offices)+40358401880  


Company Details:

Annual Turnover300.000 EURO (2015)
No. of employees/collaborators13/6
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 270001




Services & Products:

  • Cloud Soft is a global IT outsourcing services and software products provider.

  • Out team has a thorough knowledge in various industries and provides services to banks, companies, public services, education and industry.

  • We develop cloud and non-cloud based cutting edge software that responds to your most complex business needs.

  • Cloud Flow Management and iArchive Solution is our proprietary workflow and archiving document management solutions which lets users create their own document types through a metadata and workflow definition interface.
  • We offer especially Mobile application products, design for education and for daily activities.

Business Domains:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Market Regulation and Manufacturing
  • Portals, e-Commerce, e-Learning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Custom Outsourcing Software Development
  • Web-based flow management and financial reporting software
  • IT Support


Core Technology Expertise

  • Java Technologies and Frameworks
  • Web development
  • Databases
  • Mobile
  • ORACLE and IBM Certified Specialists




FORTECH - BPM Wave International - iQuest - TeamNet - BRINEL - ExLibris(HU) - OTP Bank - SIVECO